slang for more asian
“bruh i’m asianer than you”

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  • garagemeat

    shedmeat that has been marinated in oil and run over by a car. not to be confused with roadkill or bicyclemeat, which has a sharper flavor. core blimey mate! that garagemeat you had me eat last friday really greased up the ol’ pipes!

  • gravy tray

    a word used to describe a sugar daddy or someone who is much more wealthy and aged than you i’m her gravy tray

  • sh*t millionaire

    an entrepreneur who makes his millions from building public toilets in developing countries, or/and from collecting rubbish for incinerators. as an elementary school dropout, joe didn’t let his lack of formal education make him feel like he’s a failure—today, he’s a sh*t millionaire, much to the surprise of his college friends who are jittery about […]

  • slyered

    when you’re tired and sleepy = slyered dude, naomi is so slyered she tried to walk through the ticket barriers without tapping in. dude i’m so slyered i can’t think straight!

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