ass cracker

a black male wanting attention to his *ss from a white man.
d*mn that n*gg*r is a *sscracker.
one who engages in *n*l s*x.
that w*nker is an *ss cracker.
one who not knowing the code or combination to a particular slice of *ss is nonetheless able to get inside the *ss
frat boy 1: “dude is so wasting his time on lulu b*tch never gives it up”
frat boy 2: “not. dude is a total *ss cracker. he will be in that *ss before midnight”
a mild exclamatory swear in the squirrel tongue; similar to the english “d*mn.”
“*sscrackers! i can’t find my nuts!”
the p**p that was missed when wiping your *ss and left in the crack of your *ss all day to become crusty.
dude i got this huge *sscracker!!!
look at that *sscracker.
you smell like an *sscracker
a term used to describe a man with a large enough p*n*s, to brake the *n*s of the woman or man he is having *n*l intercourse with.
“d*mn, his’s c*ck is so big, he is definatly an *ss cracker!”
when someone threatens to “serve you some *ss crackers”

the best definition in in the example

they some in three flavors

jack*ss crackers, dumb *ss crackers, or smart *ss crackers
derek- ” would you like some *ss crackers? ”

joe- ” what are those?”

derek- ” it’s when i take your *ss, and serve it on some crackers ”
a cracker that is inserted neatly between ones *ss cheeks.

(think the bird in aladin, the type of crackers that are always being inserted into his mouth by the sultan….now think of those sticking out between ones b*tt cheeks)
hey man wanna an *ss cracker? with a lil b*tt cheese they are better than ritz crackers!!

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