baby grill

some thing you call ur girlfriend
eeeey whats shakin baby grill

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    an act of s*x where one peels their own flesh, turns it into a royal coat. the partner then takes the skin and wears it while eating out/sucking off the other. maricor: i just did the chinese robe with my math daddy. danny: lucky sl*t, i’ve been wanting to with someone for ages!

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    the act of scr*w*ng someone over, especially in the d*ck region. “hey john, did tiff blow you last night?” “no, she was totally being scrodumpsious.”

  • bullj*zzle

    just another yet funnier way of saying bullsh*t sounds like a load of “bullj*zzle” to me

  • twollocks

    a combination of tw*t and b*ll*cks. best used alongside the word tw*nting he was an utter tw*nt. everything he said was a load of tw*nting twollocks.

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