when someone does something only a true ballert would do; as in something very skillful and cool
*shoots a paper towel across the bathroom into the trash can*

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  • william eckroth

    liar, manipulator, cheater, pedophile, thief, dirty piece of sh*t slim ball, drunk, drug addict, dirty d*ck *ss f*cking pig! don’t be a william eckroth.

  • b*tthole fingers

    when after fingering another’s b*tt you have a particular stench on your fingers. similar to what happens with fingering a v*g*n*. d*mn those b*tthole fingers smell like sh*t!

  • trolls toll

    the requirement to get into the boy’s hole. the gang: why are you so happy charlie: you have to pay the troll’s toll to get in the boy’s hole!

  • stoicy

    a word used to desribe a man or who woman who can endure intense pain with great stamina in our around their genital area. guy1: “this girl had in bed last night took everything i gave her” guy2″d*mn dude, she is stoicy”

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