idk man something someone i know searched on here. wasn’t a definition. now there is.
someone: boo-boo-yah

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  • whippersn*tcher

    an older or middle aged person only interested in early twentysomethings he’s old enough to be your dad- a total whippersn*tcher

  • so extra

    when one tends to show off, in need of desperate attention seeking behavior. that old thot is so extra always on facebook, always thirsty for attention.

  • afrib

    either an arab in africa a mixed african and arab or an african that identifies more with arabic culture than african. wow i miss the old zongo cause he changed into a real afrib since he came back from mecca……

  • moondow

    shadows made by the moon. hey greg! have you seen the moondows tonight made by the super moon?

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