Broward County

broward county is a county region in south florida that is right above miami-dade county. those two counties are considered as “sister counties” since they share the same cultural trends, art, musical styles, connections, language vernacular & news/current events.

broward county is a calmer, more mellow version of miami, which has lower crime activity and tourist visitors.

broward is the birthplace of stickin’/jookin’ dance and music, the immense population of proud haitian n*gg*s that will put a bullet in your head in a quick second, and southern slang that sound exactly like the rapper plies.
a: n*gg* where you from?
b: i’m from broward county bih’

a: what part? pompano? deerfield? lauderdale? sunrise? deepside? or lauderhill?

b: i’m from lauderdale!

a: dat part!

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