man, he’s b*tterphobic

stupid b*tterphobes, ruining society

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  • shballer

    like baller but with an sh standing for shut yo mouth young blood i’m so much better than you and you stupid slang shut up boy i’m a shballer

  • whizzo

    a dated british expression indicating that something is good. spitfire pilot one: “that was hairy, managed to shoot down a couple of huns in 109’s though” spitfire pilot two: “whizzo! bl**dy 109ers got tommy last week”

  • dirty dand

    when you get completely f*cked, or disrespected. an act of extreme disrespect. “yo did you hear about my man jose? his parents straight dirty dan’d him.” “oh sh*t, what happened?”

  • *rs*heil

    an *rs*hole of a n*z* persuasion. likely to use pc as a derogatory term. highly likely to use cuck when speaking to everyone outside their ‘clan’. oh man, can’t believe you voted for that *ssclown trump, i never had you down as an *rs*heil before.

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