Beta granule

beta granule


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  • Beta-indoleacetic acid

    indoleacetic acid.

  • Beta iron

    an allotrope of iron, stable between 768°C and 910°C, similar to alpha iron but nonmagnetic. noun a nonmagnetic allotrope of pure iron stable between 770°C and 910°C

  • Beta line

    beta (def 6).

  • Beta naphthol

    naphthol (def 1). either of two isomeric hydroxyl derivatives, C 1 0 H 7 OH, of naphthalene (alpha-naphthol or 1-naphthol and beta-naphthol or 2-naphthol) white or yellowish crystals, with a phenolic odor, that darken on exposure to light: used chiefly in dyes, drugs, perfumes, and insecticides. noun a white crystalline solid having two isomeric forms, […]

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