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  • Cepstrum

    mathematics (Coined in a 1963 paper by Bogert, Healey, and Tukey) The Fourier transform of the log-magnitude spectrum: fFt(ln( | fFt(window . signal) | )) This function is used in speech recognition and possibly elsewhere. Note that the outer transform is NOT an inverse Fourier transform (as reported in many respectable DSP texts). [What’s it […]

  • Cept

    except1 . Contemporary Examples Historical Examples Comite Europeen des Postes et Telecommunications

  • Ceq

    Council on Environmental Quality Contemporary Examples

  • Cer

    variant of cero- before a vowel: ceraceous. Contemporary Examples Historical Examples abbreviation Closer Economic Relations: a trade agreement between Australia and New Zealand signed in 1983 Canonical Encoding Rules coordinated ecosystem research

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