Cerebrohepatorenal syndrome

cerebrohepatorenal syndrome cer·e·bro·hep·a·to·re·nal syndrome (sěr’ə-brō-hěp’ə-tō-rē’nəl, sə-rē’brō-)
An inherited syndrome marked by hypotonia, incomplete myelinization of nervous tissue, craniofacial malformations, hepatomegaly, and small glomerular kidney cysts.


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  • Cerebroid

    resembling the cerebrum or the brain.

  • Cerebroma

    cerebroma cer·e·bro·ma (sěr’ə-brō’mə) n. See encephaloma.

  • Cerebromalacia

    cerebromalacia cer·e·bro·ma·la·ci·a (sěr’ə-brō-mə-lā’shē-ə, -shə) n. See encephalomalacia.

  • Cerebromeningitis

    cerebromeningitis cer·e·bro·men·in·gi·tis (sěr’ə-brō-měn’ĭn-jī’tĭs) n. See meningoencephalitis.

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