Colour supplement

(Brit) an illustrated magazine accompanying a newspaper, esp a Sunday newspaper


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  • Colour temperature

    noun 1. (physics) the temperature of a black-body radiator at which it would emit radiation of the same chromaticity as the light under consideration

  • Colopuncture

    colopuncture co·lo·punc·ture (kō’lə-pŭngk’chər) n. See colocentesis.

  • Coloptosis

    coloptosis co·lop·to·sis (kō’lŏp-tō’sĭs) or co·lop·to·si·a (-tō’sē-ə, -zē-ə) n. Downward displacement or prolapse of the colon, especially of the transverse portion.

  • Coloproctostomy

    coloproctostomy co·lo·proc·tos·to·my (kō’lə-prŏk-tŏs’tə-mē) n. The surgical formation of a communication between the rectum and a discontinuous segment of the colon. Also called colorectostomy.

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