a retail store operated by a company for the convenience of the employees, who are required to buy from the store.


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  • Company-union

    noun 1. a labor union dominated by management rather than controlled by the membership. 2. a union confined to employees of one business or corporation. noun 1. (mainly US & Canadian) an unaffiliated union of workers usually restricted to a single business enterprise

  • Company-town

    noun 1. a town whose inhabitants are mainly dependent on one company for employment, housing, supplies, etc. noun 1. (US & Canadian) a town built by a company for its employees

  • Company-woman

    noun 1. a female employee whose allegiance to her employer comes before personal beliefs or loyalty to fellow workers.

  • Compaq computer corporation

    company A US manufacturer and vendor of IBM PC compatible personal computers and servers. Compaq was started in 1982 by three ex-Texas Instruments employees and by 1995 had become the largest PC manufacturer. Quarterly sales $2499M, profits $210M (Aug 1994). ( (1995-10-24)

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