[kawr-uh l-ber-ee, kor-] /ˈkɔr əlˌbɛr i, ˈkɒr-/

noun, plural coralberries.


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  • Coral calculus

    coral calculus cor·al calculus (kôr’əl) n. See stag-horn calculus.

  • Coral fern

    noun 1. (Austral) a scrambling fern of the genus Gleichenia, having repeatedly forked fronds

  • Coral-gables

    [kawr-uh l gey-buh lz, kor-] /ˈkɔr əl ˈgeɪ bəlz, ˈkɒr-/ noun 1. a city in SE Florida, near Miami.

  • Coral-honeysuckle

    noun 1. .

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