(in prescriptions) of the same.


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  • Ek

    Eastman Kodak Co.

  • Eka

    Chemistry. 1. a prefix used to designate the first element of the same family in the periodic table beyond the one to whose name it is prefixed, as ekaselenium for technetium. eka- pref. One or first, used especially to name undiscovered elements of the periodic table whose characteristics have been postulated: eka-osmium.

  • Ekagrata

    noun See one-pointedness

  • Ekaterinburg

    [ih-kat-er-in-burg; Russian yi-kuh-tyi-ryin-boork] /ɪˈkæt ər ɪnˈbɜrg; Russian yɪ kə tyɪ ryɪnˈburk/ noun 1. a city in the Russian Federation in Asia, in the Ural Mountains. /Russian jɪkətɪrinˈburk/ noun 1. a variant transliteration of the Russian name for Yekaterinburg

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