(def 4).
a device that converts electrical energy to mechanical torque


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  • Electric-needle

    noun, Surgery. 1. . noun 1. a surgical instrument for cutting tissue by the application of a high-frequency current

  • Electric-organ

    noun 1. (in certain fishes) an organ composed of electroplaques. noun 1. (music) 2. (zoology) a small group of modified muscle cells on the body of certain fishes, such as the electric eel, that gives an electric shock to any animal touching them

  • Electric-peak

    noun 1. a mountain in SW Montana, on the Wyoming border: highest peak in the Gallatin Range. 11,155 feet (3402 meters).

  • Electric-potential

    noun 1. Also called potential. Electricity. (at any point in an electric field) the work done per unit charge in moving an infinitesimal point charge from a common reference point to the given point. Symbol: V. 2. Physiology. . noun 1. electric potential A measure of the work required by an electric field to move […]

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