[el-uh-ner, -nawr] /ˈɛl ə nər, -ˌnɔr/

a female given name, form of .


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    [el-int, ih-lint] /ˈɛl ɪnt, ɪˈlɪnt/ noun 1. the gathering of military or other intelligence through the monitoring of electronic signals other than voice communications, as satellite transmissions, rocket telemetry, and radar. 2. . electronic intelligence

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    toward Jehovah are my eyes, the name of several men mentioned in the Old Testament (1 Chr. 7:8; 4:36; Ezra 10:22, 27). Among these was the eldest son of Neariah, son of Shemaiah, of the descendants of Zerubbabel. His family are the latest mentioned in the Old Testament (1 Chr. 3:23, 24).

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