[ih-pish-ee-uh, ih-pish-uh] /ɪˈpɪʃ i ə, ɪˈpɪʃ ə/

any of several tropical American plants of the genus Episcia, often cultivated as houseplants for their textured, variegated foliage and showy flowers.


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  • Episclera

    episclera ep·i·scle·ra (ěp’ĭ-sklēr’ə) n. The connective tissue layer between sclera and conjunctiva of the eye.

  • Episcleral artery

    episcleral artery n. Any of numerous small branches of the anterior ciliary arteries that perforate the sclera behind the cornea to supply the iris and ciliary body.

  • Episcleral

    episcleral ep·i·scle·ral (ěp’ĭ-sklēr’əl) adj.

  • Episcleral space

    episcleral space n. The space between the sheath of eyeball and the sclera. Also called Tenon’s space.

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