[yoo r-oh-kur-uh n-see, ‐kuhr‐, yur‐] /ˈyʊər oʊˌkɜr ən si, ‐ˌkʌr‐, ˈyɜr‐/

noun, plural Eurocurrencies.
funds deposited in the bank of a European country in the currency of another country.
(sometimes capital)


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  • Eurodeposit

    /ˌjʊərəʊdɪˈpɒzɪt/ noun 1. (sometimes capital) a deposit of the currency of any country in the eurocurrency market

  • Eurodollar

    [yoo r-uh-dol-er, yur-] /ˈyʊər əˌdɒl ər, ˈyɜr-/ noun 1. a U.S. deposited in or credited to a European bank. /ˈjʊərəʊˌdɒlə/ noun 1. (sometimes capital) a US dollar as part of a European holding See eurocurrency

  • Euro-isdn

    European Integrated Services Digital Network. An ETSI standard for Integrated Services Digital Network being phased in in March 1994. Euro-ISDN will allow full transparent interworking between all European countries (members of the CEPT). It is available on a commercial basis in most European countries. (1994-12-08)

  • Euroland

    /ˈjʊərəʊ,lænd/ noun 1. another name for Eurozone noun the European Union nations that adopted the euro as their currency

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