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F and a

fore and aft


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  • Fan-dance

    noun 1. a solo dance performed by a nude or nearly nude woman using fans for covering. noun 1. a dance in which large fans are manipulated in front of the body, partially revealing or suggesting nakedness

  • Fandangle

    /fænˈdæŋɡəl/ noun (informal) 1. elaborate ornament 2. nonsense noun nonsense Word Origin perhaps derived from newfangle 1835, Southern U.S., perhaps an alteration of fandango. noun An ornamental object; gewgaw (1835+) noun A confused profusion; generous lively miscellany: cranes, firebirds, foxes, flamingos, a fauna fandangle hard to believe [mid-1800s+; fr eastern US dialect fandango, ”a boisterous […]

  • Fandango

    [fan-dang-goh] /fænˈdæŋ goʊ/ noun, plural fandangos. 1. a lively Spanish or Spanish-American dance in triple time, performed by a man and woman playing castanets. 2. a piece of music for such a dance or one having its rhythm. 3. (especially in the southwest U.S.) a ball or dance. /fænˈdæŋɡəʊ/ noun (pl) -gos 1. an old […]

  • Fandango on core

    jargon, programming (Unix/C, from the Mexican dance) In C, a wild pointer that runs out of bounds, causing a core dump, or corrupts the malloc arena in such a way as to cause mysterious failures later on, is sometimes said to have “done a fandango on core”. On low-end personal machines without an MMU, this […]

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