Fast reactor

a nuclear reactor using little or no moderator, fission being caused by fast neutrons


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  • Fast rhythm

    fast rhythm n. A brain-wave pattern on an electroencephalogram that occurs at a frequency above 13 hertz.

  • Fast scsi

    hardware A variant on the SCSI-2 bus. It uses the same 8-bit bus as the original SCSI-1 but runs at up to 10MB/s – double the speed of SCSI-1. (1994-11-24)

  • Fast shuffle

    noun phrase verb : He was fast shuffling me, but I caught him [1891+; fr the deceptive shuffle of a cardsharp] Related Terms double shuffle

  • Fast smear

    fast smear n. A cytologic smear containing vaginal and cervical scrapings that are mixed, smeared, and fixed immediately.

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