[fahyuh r-ri-tahr-dnt] /ˈfaɪər rɪˌtɑr dnt/

able to slow or check the spread of destructive fire.


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  • Fireroom

    [fahyuh r-room, -roo m] /ˈfaɪərˌrum, -ˌrʊm/ noun, Nautical. 1. a chamber in which the boilers of a steam vessel are fired.

  • Firesafe

    [fahyuh r-seyf] /ˈfaɪərˌseɪf/ adjective 1. being so constructed or protected as to be from destruction by .

  • Fire-screen

    noun 1. a screen placed in front of a fireplace for protection, especially from sparks. noun 1. a decorative screen placed in the hearth when there is no fire 2. a screen placed before a fire to protect the face from intense heat

  • Fire-setting

    noun, Mining. 1. an ancient method of shattering rock by building a fire against it so as to cause it to split as a result of uneven internal stresses.

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