Frame aerial

another name for loop aerial


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  • Frame buffer

    hardware Part of a video system in which an image is stored, pixel by pixel and which is used to refresh a raster image. The term “video memory” suggests a fairly static display whereas a frame buffer holds one frame from a sequence of frames forming a moving image. Frame buffers are found in frame […]

  • Frame check sequence

    communications (FCS) The extra characters added to a frame for error detection and correction(?). FCS is used in X.25, HDLC, Frame Relay, and other data link layer protocols. (1998-02-27)

  • Frame grabber

    hardware A device that captures a single frame from an analog video signal (from a video camera or VCR) and stores it as a digital image under computer control. (1997-07-11)

  • Frame-house

    noun 1. a house constructed with a skeleton framework of timber, as the ordinary wooden house. noun 1. a house that has a timber framework and cladding

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