fixed-wing vehicle


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    1. foreign exchange. 1. . 2. fractured. noun 1. (films, informal) short for special effects abbreviation 2. (US & Canadian) foreign exchange noun Visual and other special effects •Best known after the 1986 movie F/X: The FX were tops, the tone tender [1980s+ Movies; fr effects pronounced aFX] networking The country code for metropolitan France. […]

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    Effects. A polymorphic language based on Scheme, allowing side effects and first-class functions. It attempts to integrate functional and imperative programming. Expressions have types, side effects (e.g. reading, writing or allocating) and regions (stating where the effects may occur). Versions: FX-89, FX-90. (ftp://brokaw.lcs.mit.edu/). [“The FX-87 Reference Manual”, D.K. Gifford gifford@lcs.mit.edu et al, MIT/LCS/TR-407, Oct 1987]. […]

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    language A language with partial type and effect reconstruction and first-class modules. (1995-01-31)

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    foreign exchange agreement

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