plural noun, Chiefly Northern, Midland, and Western U.S.


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  • George grove

    [grohv] /groʊv/ noun 1. Sir George, 1820–1900, English musicologist. 2. Robert Moses (“Lefty”) 1900–75, U.S. baseball player. /ɡrəʊv/ noun 1. a small wooded area or plantation 2. n. Old English graf “grove, copse” (akin to græafa “thicket”), from Proto-Germanic *graibo-, but not certainly found in other Germanic languages and with no known cognates anywhere else. […]

  • George grosz

    [grohs] /groʊs/ noun 1. George, 1893–1959, U.S. painter and graphic artist, born in Germany. /ɡrɔːʃ/ noun (pl) groszy (ˈɡrɔːʃɪ) 1. a Polish monetary unit worth one hundredth of a złoty /ɡrəʊs; German ɡrɔs/ noun 1. George. 1893–1959, German painter, in the US from 1932, whose works satirized German militarism and bourgeois society

  • George fuller

    [foo l-er] /ˈfʊl ər/ noun 1. George, 1822–84, U.S. painter. 2. Henry B(lake) (“Stanton Page”) 1857–1929, U.S. novelist, poet, and critic. 3. Melville Weston [wes-tuh n] /ˈwɛs tən/ (Show IPA), 1833–1910, chief justice of the U.S. 1888–1910. 4. R(ichard) Buckminster, 1895–1983, U.S. engineer, designer, and architect. 5. (Sarah) Margaret (Marchioness Ossoli) 1810–50, U.S. author and […]

  • George dick

    [dik] /dɪk/ noun 1. George Frederick, 1881–1967, U.S. internist. 2. Philip K. 1928–82, U.S. science-fiction writer. 3. a male given name, form of . /dɪk/ noun 1. (mainly US) a slang word for detective /dɪk/ noun (slang) 1. (Brit) a fellow or person 2. (Brit) clever dick, a person who is obnoxiously opinionated or self-satisfied; […]

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