Gravity scale

a scale giving the relative density of fluids See API gravity scale


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  • Gravity-wave

    noun 1. Astronomy, Physics. . 2. a wave created by the action of gravity on local variations in the density of a stratified fluid, as the atmosphere, or at an interface between fluids of different density, as a liquid and a gas. noun (physics) 1. a wave propagated in a gravitational field, predicted to occur […]

  • Gravity-wind

    [wind] /wɪnd/ noun 1. a light wind directed downslope, occurring at night because of the cooling and densification of the air near the ground.

  • Gravlax

    [grahv-lahks] /ˈgrɑv lɑks/ noun, Scandinavian Cookery. 1. boned salmon, cured by marinating in sugar, salt, pepper, and other spices, especially dill. /ˈɡrævˌlæks/ noun 1. dry-cured salmon, marinated in salt, sugar, and spices, as served in Scandinavia

  • Gravol

    /ˈɡrɒvɘʊl/ noun 1. (Canadian) trademark an antihistamine used in the prevention of nausea, esp in travel sickness; dimenhydrinate

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