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  • Gut check

    noun (US & Canadian, informal) 1. a pause to assess the state, progress, or condition of something such as an enterprise or institution noun a test of one’s nerve, courage, or determination Examples It is gut-check time for corporate America. Usage Note gut-check adj

  • Gut-course

    noun 1. . noun phrase (also gut) An easy course in college [1916+ College students; perhaps fr earlier sense gut, ”a feast,” hence a course that one can ”eat up”]

  • Gutenberg

    [goot-n-burg; German goot-n-berk] /ˈgut nˌbɜrg; German ˈgut nˌbɛrk/ noun 1. Johannes [yoh-hahn-uh s] /yoʊˈhɑn əs/ (Show IPA), (Johann Gensfleisch) c1400–68, German printer: credited with invention of printing from movable type. /ˈɡuːtənˌbɜːɡ; German ˈɡuːtənbɛrk/ noun 1. Johann (joˈhan), original name Johannes Gensfleisch. ?1398–1468, German printer; inventor of printing by movable type

  • Gutenberg-bible

    noun 1. an edition of the Vulgate printed at Mainz before 1456, ascribed to Gutenberg and others: probably the first large book printed with movable type.

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