Have cold feet

verb phrase

To be timorous or afraid; have second thoughts: Ella was coming too, but she had cold feet (1893+)


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  • Have deep pockets and short arms

    verb phrase To be rich and parsimonious (1980s+)

  • Have designs on

    Contrive a secret plot or scheme, especially with selfish motives. For example, I think he has designs on my job, or Mary has designs on her sister’s boyfriend. This term uses design in the sense of “a crafty plan,” a usage dating from about 1700.

  • Have dibs on

    verb phrase To have a claim or option on: No, sorry. This guy has dibs on me (1930s+) Have a first claim on something, as in If you don’t want it, I have dibs on the next available apartment. This term was originally schoolyard slang. [ c. 1930 ]

  • Have eyes for

    verb phrase To desire; wish for; have a lech for someone or something: But the chick who has eyes for some cat would be uncool if she told him so directly/ Then suddenly she finds out he’s got eyes for another woman (1810+)

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