[hil-oh, hi-loh] /ˈhɪl oʊ, hɪˈloʊ/

interjection, noun, plural hillos, verb (used with or without object), hilloed, hilloing.


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  • Hilloa

    [hi-loh] /hɪˈloʊ/ interjection, noun, plural hilloas, verb (used with or without object), hilloaed, hilloaing. 1. .

  • Hillock

    [hil-uh k] /ˈhɪl ək/ noun 1. a small hill. /ˈhɪlək/ noun 1. a small hill or mound n. late 14c., hilloc “small hill” (c.1200 as a surname), from hill + Middle English diminutive suffix -oc. hillock hill·ock (hĭl’ək) n. A small protuberance or elevation, as from an organ, a tissue, or other structure.

  • Hill of bashan

    (Ps. 68:15), probably another name for Hermon, which lies to the north of Bashan.

  • Hill-of-beans

    noun, Informal. 1. something of trifling value; virtually nothing at all: The problem didn’t amount to a hill of beans.

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