hysterotrachelorrhaphy hys·ter·o·tra·che·lor·rha·phy (hĭs’tə-rō-trā’kə-lôr’ə-fē, -trāk’ə-)
Repair of a lacerated uterine cervix by suturing.


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  • Hysterotrachelotomy

    hysterotrachelotomy hys·ter·o·tra·che·lot·o·my (hĭs’tə-rō-trā’kə-lŏt’ə-mē, -trāk’ə-) n. Incision of the uterine cervix.

  • Hysterotubography

    hysterotubography hys·ter·o·tu·bog·ra·phy (hĭs’tə-rō-tōō-bŏg’rə-fē, -tyōō-) n. See hysterosalpingography.

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