Ice cream habit

noun phrase

The occasional, nonaddicted, use of narcotics (1960s+ Narcotics)


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  • Ice cream headache

    noun, Informal. 1. Also called ice-cream headache. a pain in the temples and forehead brought on by quickly consuming very cold food or drink. 2. a temporary lapse in memory; a sudden mental block. noun See brain freeze noun a sudden feeling of pain in the forehead or temples, esp. when eating or drinking cold […]

  • Ice-cream parlor

    noun 1. an establishment serving ice cream, sodas, etc., from a soda fountain.

  • Ice-cream parlor chair

    noun 1. a side chair made of heavy wire with a round wooden seat, especially for use at a table.

  • Ice cream sandwich

    noun a handheld dessert consisting of two (usu. chocolate) cakelike layers with a slice of ice cream inside Examples They make ice cream sandwiches in a bunch of different flavors. Word Origin 1900 Usage Note cooking

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