noun, Physics.
a frame of reference in which a body remains at rest or moves with constant linear velocity unless acted upon by forces: any frame of reference that moves with constant velocity relative to an inertial system is itself an inertial system.
a frame of reference within which bodies are not accelerated unless acted upon by external forces Also called inertial reference frame


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  • Inertial-upper-stage

    noun 1. a U.S. two-stage, solid-propellant rocket used to boost a relatively heavy spacecraft from a low earth orbit into a planetary trajectory or an elliptical transfer orbit. Abbreviation: IUS.

  • Inertia-reel seat belt

    noun 1. a type of car seat belt in which the belt is free to unwind from a metal drum except when the drum locks as a result of rapid deceleration

  • Inertia selling

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  • Inertia time

    inertia time n. The interval elapsing between the reception of the stimulus from a nerve and the contraction of the muscle.

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