Inferior tarsal muscle

inferior tarsal muscle n.
A poorly developed smooth muscle in the lower eyelid that acts to widen the palpebral fissure.


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  • Inferior temporal line

    inferior temporal line n. The lower of two curved lines on the parietal bone, marking the limit of attachment of the temporal muscle.

  • Inferior temporal sulcus

    inferior temporal sulcus n. The sulcus on the basal aspect of the temporal lobe, separating the fusiform gyrus from the inferior temporal gyrus on its lateral side.

  • Inferior thalamic peduncle

    inferior thalamic peduncle n. A large fiber bundle emerging from the anterior part of the thalamus in the ventral direction.

  • Inferior thalamostriate vein

    inferior thalamostriate vein inferior thal·a·mo·stri·ate vein (thāl’ə-mō-strī’āt’) n. Any of the tributaries to the basal vein that drain the thalamus and striate body and exit through the anterior perforated substance.

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