[ahy-oh-duh-fawrm, ahy-od-uh-] /aɪˈoʊ dəˌfɔrm, aɪˈɒd ə-/

noun, Chemistry.
a yellowish, crystalline, water-insoluble solid, CHI 3 , analogous to chloroform, and having a penetrating odor: used chiefly as an antiseptic.
a yellow crystalline insoluble volatile solid with a penetrating sweet odour made by heating alcohol with iodine and an alkali: used as an antiseptic. Formula: CHI3 Systematic name triiodomethane


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  • Iodomethamate sodium

    iodomethamate sodium i·o·do·meth·a·mate sodium (ī-ō’də-měth’ə-māt’) n. An organic iodine radiopaque compound used in intravenous urography and retrograde pyelography.

  • Iodohippurate sodium

    iodohippurate sodium i·o·do·hip·pu·rate sodium (ī-ō’də-hĭp’yə-rāt’) n. A radiopaque compound administered intravenously and orally for diagnostic applications such as retrograde urography and renography.

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    [ahy-uh-dom-i-tree] /ˌaɪ əˈdɒm ɪ tri/ noun, Chemistry. 1. a volumetric analytical procedure for determining iodine or materials that will liberate iodine or react with iodine. /ˌaɪəˈdɒmɪtrɪ/ noun 1. (chem) a procedure used in volumetric analysis for determining the quantity of substance present that contains, liberates, or reacts with iodine iodometry i·o·dom·e·try (ī’ō-dŏm’ĭ-trē) n. An analytical […]

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    iodophilia i·o·do·phil·i·a (ī-ō’də-fĭl’ē-ə) n. An affinity for iodine, as manifested by some white blood cells in certain conditions.

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