Leg before wicket

(cricket) a manner of dismissal on the grounds that a batsman has been struck on the leg by a bowled ball that otherwise would have hit the wicket lbw


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  • Leg-biter

    noun A small child or infant; crumb-crusher (1980s+ College students)

  • Leg-break

    [leg-breyk] /ˈlɛgˌbreɪk/ noun, Cricket. 1. a ball deviating to the off side from the leg side when bowled.

  • Leg-bye

    noun, Cricket. 1. a run or bye scored on a bowled ball that ricochets off any part of the batsman’s body except the hand. noun 1. (cricket) a run scored after the ball has hit the batsman’s leg or some other part of his body, except his hand, without touching the bat lb

  • Leg-drop

    noun, Theater. 1. a narrow scenery flat or drop, often used in a pair to form an inverted U .

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