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  • Lounge-lizard

    noun, Older Slang. 1. a foppish man who frequents bars, cafés, hotel lounges, etc., with or in search of women. 2. a sponger; scrounger; parasite. noun 1. (informal) an idle frequenter of places where rich or prominent people gather noun phrase ladies’ man [1918+; fr the notion that such a man lounges, frequents cocktail lounges, […]

  • Lounge-music

    noun 1. a type of popular music often including jazz, swing, and pop elements and played in cocktail lounges, piano bars, etc. noun See downtempo

  • Lounger

    [loun-jer] /ˈlaʊn dʒər/ noun 1. a person or thing that . 2. Informal. a robe. 3. . /ˈlaʊndʒə/ noun 1. a comfortable sometimes adjustable couch or extending chair designed for someone to relax on 2. a loose comfortable leisure garment 3. a person who lounges

  • Lounge-suit

    noun, Chiefly British. 1. a man’s suit appropriate for informal occasions. noun 1. the customary suit of matching jacket and trousers worn by men for the normal business day

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