[mam-it] /ˈmæm ɪt/

another word for maumet


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  • Mammies

    [mam-ee] /ˈmæm i/ noun, plural mammies. 1. Informal. 1 . 2. Disparaging and Offensive. (formerly in the southern U.S.) a black woman engaged as a nurse to white children or as a servant to a white family. /ˈmæmɪ/ noun (pl) -mies 1. a child’s word for mother1 2. (mainly Southern US) a Black woman employed […]

  • Mammiferous

    [ma-mif-er-uh s] /mæˈmɪf ər əs/ adjective 1. having ; mammalian. /mæˈmɪfərəs/ adjective 1. having breasts or mammae

  • Mammiform

    mammiform mam·mi·form (mām’ə-fôrm’) adj. Resembling a breast; breast-shaped.

  • Mammilla

    [ma-mil-uh] /mæˈmɪl ə/ noun, plural mammillae [ma-mil-ee] /mæˈmɪl i/ (Show IPA) 1. Anatomy. the nipple of the mamma, or breast. 2. any nipplelike process or protuberance. /mæˈmɪlə/ noun (pl) -lae (-liː) 1. the US spelling of mamilla mammilla mam·mil·la (mā-mĭl’ə) n. pl. -mil·lae (-mĭl’ē)

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