noun acronym (formerly, in Britain)
National and Local Government Officers’ Association


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    [ney-li-dik-sik, ney-] /ˈneɪ lɪˈdɪk sɪk, ˌneɪ-/ noun, Pharmacology. 1. a substance, C 1 2 H 1 2 N 2 O 3 , that has antibacterial activity against many susceptible Gram-negative organisms, especially used in the treatment of urinary tract infections. nalidixic acid na·li·dix·ic acid (nā’lĭ-dĭk’sĭk) n. A compound used in the treatment of infections of […]

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    [nal-muh-feen] /ˈnæl məˌfin/ noun, Pharmacology. 1. a drug, C 21 H 25 NO 3 , used in the treatment of dependence disorders, as alcoholism and narcotics addiction.

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