nucleofugal nu·cle·of·u·gal (nōō’klē-ŏf’yə-gəl, -ŏf’ə-, nyōō’-)


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  • Nucleohistone

    nucleohistone nu·cle·o·his·tone (nōō’klē-ō-hĭs’tōn’, nyōō’-) n. A nucleoprotein whose protein part is a histone.

  • Nucleoid

    [noo-klee-oid, nyoo-] /ˈnu kliˌɔɪd, ˈnyu-/ Microbiology noun 1. the central region in a prokaryotic cell, as a bacterium, that contains the chromosomes and that has no surrounding membrane. adjective 2. resembling a . nucleoid nu·cle·oid (nōō’klē-oid’, nyōō’-) n. adj. Resembling a nucleolus.

  • Nucleol

    List processing language, influenced by EOL. J. Nievergelt, Computer J 13(3) (Aug 1970).

  • Nucleolar

    [noo-klee-uh-ler, nyoo-, noo-klee-oh-, nyoo-] /nuˈkli ə lər, nyu-, ˌnu kliˈoʊ-, ˌnyu-/ adjective, Cell Biology. 1. of, relating to, or forming a .

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