odontoblastoma o·don·to·blas·to·ma (ō-dŏn’tə-blā-stō’mə)


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  • Odontocete

    [oh-don-tuh-seet] /oʊˈdɒn təˌsit/ noun, Zoology. 1. any whale of the suborder Odontoceti, as dolphins, killer whales, and sperm whales, characterized by an asymmetrical skull, a single blowhole, and rows of teeth, feeding primarily on fish, squid, and crustaceans.

  • Odontoclast

    odontoclast o·don·to·clast (ō-dŏn’tə-klāst’) n. A cell that may produce resorption of the roots of deciduous teeth.

  • Odontogenesis

    [oh-don-toj-uh-nee] /ˌoʊ dɒnˈtɒdʒ ə ni/ noun, Dentistry. 1. the development of teeth. odontogenesis o·don·to·gen·e·sis (ō-dŏn’tə-jěn’ĭ-sĭs) n. The formation and development of teeth. Also called odontogeny, odontosis. odontogeny o·don·tog·e·ny (ō’dŏn-tŏj’ə-nē) n. See odontogenesis.

  • Odontogenesis imperfecta

    odontogenesis imperfecta odontogenesis im·per·fec·ta (ĭm’pər-fěk’tə) n. An odontogenic developmental anomaly characterized by deficient formation of enamel and dentin causing the affected teeth to exhibit a marked reduction in radiopacity so that unusually large pulp chambers with thin enamel and dentin are seen.

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