oh no, not again


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  • Onnagata

    [on-uh-gah-tuh; Japanese awn-nah-gah-tah] /ˌɒn əˈgɑ tə; Japanese ˈɔn nɑˈgɑ tɑ/ noun 1. a male actor in kabuki who performs female roles. n. in Kabuki and similar drama, a man who plays female roles, 1901, from Japanese, from onna “woman” + kata “figure.”

  • Ono

    a town of Benjamin, in the “plain of Ono” (1 Chr. 8:12; Ezra 2:33); now Kefr ‘Ana, 5 miles north of Lydda, and about 30 miles north-west of Jerusalem. Not succeeding in their attempts to deter Nehemiah from rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, Sanballat and Tobiah resorted to strategem, and pretending to wish a conference […]

  • O.n.o.

    abbreviation (in advertisements in Britain, Australia, and New Zealand) 1. or near(est) offer: £50 o.n.o

  • On-off

    [awf, of] /ɔf, ɒf/ adverb 1. so as to be no longer supported or attached: This button is about to come off. 2. so as to be no longer covering or enclosing: to take a hat off; to take the wrapping off. 3. away from a place: to run off; to look off toward the […]

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