Oriental emerald

a green variety of corundum used as a gemstone


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  • Orientalia

    [awr-ee-uh n-tey-lee-uh, -teyl-yuh, ohr-] /ˌɔr i ənˈteɪ li ə, -ˈteɪl yə, ˌoʊr-/ plural noun 1. books, manuscripts, and other objects pertaining to the Orient and Oriental art, culture, history, folklore, or the like.

  • Orientalization

    [awr-ee-en-tl-ahyz, ohr-] /ˌɔr iˈɛn tlˌaɪz, ˌoʊr-/ verb (used with or without object), Orientalized, Orientalizing. (often lowercase) 1. to make or become Oriental. /ˌɔːrɪˈɛntəˌlaɪz/ verb 1. to make, become, or treat as Oriental

  • Oriental-poppy

    noun 1. a poppy, Papaver orientale, of Asia, having bristly stems and leaves and showy scarlet, pink, or white flowers, cultivated as an ornamental.

  • Oriental-rug

    noun 1. a rug or carpet woven usually in Asia and characterized by hand-knotted pile.

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