papulo- pref.
Papule: papulosquamous.


Read Also:

  • Papuloerythematous

    papuloerythematous pap·u·lo·er·y·them·a·tous (pāp’yə-lō-ěr’ə-thěm’ə-təs, -thē’mə-) adj. Relating to an eruption of papules on an erythematous surface.

  • Papulonecrotic tuberculid

    papulonecrotic tuberculid pap·u·lo·ne·crot·ic tuberculid (pāp’yə-lō-nə-krŏt’ĭk, -ně-) n. A skin condition occurring in individuals with a deep focus of tuberculosis or a history of such infection and characterized by dusky-red papules primarily on the extremities that become crusty and ulcerated.

  • Papulopustular

    papulopustular pap·u·lo·pus·tu·lar (pāp’yə-lō-pŭs’chə-lər, -pŭs’tyə-) adj. Relating to an eruption composed of papules and pustules.

  • Papulosis

    papulosis pap·u·lo·sis (pāp’yə-lō’sĭs) n. The occurrence of numerous widespread papules.

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