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  • Piedmont

    [peed-mont] /ˈpid mɒnt/ noun 1. a plateau between the coastal plain and the Appalachian Mountains, including parts of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama. 2. Italian Piemonte. a region in NW Italy. 4,540,822; 11,335 sq. mi. (29,360 sq. km). 3. a city in W California, near Oakland. 4. (lowercase) a district lying along […]

  • Piedmontese

    [peed-mon-teez, -tees] /ˌpid mɒnˈtiz, -ˈtis/ noun, plural Piedmontese. 1. a native or inhabitant of , Italy. adjective 2. of, relating to, or characteristic of the people or region of , Italy.

  • Piedmontite

    [peed-mon-tahyt] /ˈpid mɒnˌtaɪt/ noun 1. a mineral, similar to epidote but containing manganese: found in schists and manganese ores. /ˈpiːdmɒnˌtaɪt; -mən-/ noun 1. a dark red mineral occurring in metamorphic rocks: a complex hydrated silicate containing calcium, aluminium, iron, and manganese. Formula: Ca2(Al,Fe,Mn)3(SiO4)3OH

  • Pied-noir

    [pee-ey nwahr, pyey; French pyey nwar] /piˌeɪ ˈnwɑr, ˌpyeɪ; French pyeɪ ˈnwar/ noun, plural pieds noirs [pee-eyz nwahr, pyeyz; French pyey nwar] /piˌeɪz ˈnwɑr, ˌpyeɪz; French pyeɪ ˈnwar/ (Show IPA). Often Disparaging. 1. an Algerian-born French person. 2. formerly, a person of French origin living in French-ruled Algeria.

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