[kween-duh m] /ˈkwin dəm/

the position or status of a .
the realm of a .
a territory, state, people, or community ruled over by a queen


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  • Queen-cup

    [kween-kuhp] /ˈkwinˌkʌp/ noun 1. a North American plant, Clintonia uniflora, of the lily family, having solitary, white flowers and blue berries.

  • Queen-dowager

    noun 1. the widow of a king. noun 1. the widow of a king

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    plural noun 1. a group of islands, including Ellesmere Island, in the Arctic Ocean, in the N Northwest Territories, N Canada. plural noun 1. a group of islands off the N coast of Canada: the northernmost islands of the Canadian Arctic archipelago, lying N of latitude 74°N; part of Nunavut. Area: about 390 000 sq […]

  • Queenfish

    [kween-fish] /ˈkwinˌfɪʃ/ noun, plural queenfishes (especially collectively) queenfish. 1. a silvery and bluish drum, Seriphus politus, inhabiting shallow waters along the coast of California.

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