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of beans that are fried and mashed, then fried again
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  • Refried-beans

    plural noun, Mexican Cookery. 1. dried beans, cooked and mashed and then fried in lard, sometimes with onions and other seasonings.

  • Refrig

    1. refrigeration. 2. refrigerator. refrig 1. refrigerating 2. refrigeration

  • Refrigerant

    adjective 1. refrigerating; cooling. 2. reducing bodily heat or fever. noun 3. a refrigerant agent, as a drug. 4. a liquid capable of vaporizing at a low temperature, as ammonia, used in mechanical refrigeration. 5. a cooling substance, as ice or solid carbon dioxide, used in a refrigerator. noun 1. a fluid capable of changes […]

  • Refrigerate

    verb (used with object), refrigerated, refrigerating. 1. to make or keep cold or cool, as for preservation. verb 1. to make or become frozen or cold, esp for preservative purposes; chill or freeze

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