characterized by or capable of replication, especially of an experiment.


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  • Replicator

    replicator rep·li·ca·tor (rěp’lĭ-kā’tər) n. The site on a bacterial genome where replication begins. Any construct that acts to produce copies of itself; this could be a living organism, an idea (see meme), a program (see quine, worm, wabbit, fork bomb, and virus), a pattern in a cellular automaton (see life), or (speculatively) a robot or […]

  • Replicon

    noun, Genetics. 1. any genetic element that can regulate and effect its own replication from initiation to completion. noun 1. (genetics) a region of a DNA molecule that is replicated from a single origin replicon rep·li·con (rěp’lĭ-kŏn’) n. A genetic element that undergoes replication as an autonomous unit.

  • Replies

    verb (used without object), replied, replying. 1. to make answer in words or writing; answer; respond: to reply to a question. 2. to respond by some action, performance, etc.: to reply to the enemy’s fire. 3. to return a sound; echo; resound. 4. Law. to answer a defendant’s plea. verb (used with object), replied, replying. […]

  • Replisome

    replisome rep·li·some (rěp’lĭ-sōm’) n. Any of the sites on the matrix of a cell nucleus that contains a series of enzyme complexes in which DNA replication is considered to occur.

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