a repeated lightning discharge in which successive strokes are displaced from each other by wind, resulting in a broadened appearance.


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  • Ribbon-microphone

    noun 1. a microphone that utilizes a metal ribbon suspended in a magnetic field. ribbon microphone noun 1. a type of microphone in which the conductor is a thin ribbon of aluminium alloy moving perpendicularly in a magnetic field. It is strongly directional and can be used to reduce unwanted side noise

  • Ribbon-snake

    noun 1. either of two long-tailed garter snakes, Thamnophis proximus or T. sauritus, of eastern and central North America, having a brownish body and yellow or orange stripes.

  • Ribbon-window

    noun 1. a long window made up of a number of individual compartments set together horizontally with little or no division.

  • Ribbonwood

    noun 1. a small evergreen malvaceous tree, Hoheria populnea, of New Zealand. Its wood is used in furniture making and the tough bark for making cord Also called houhere, lacebark, thousand-jacket

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