a person who ripples flax, hemp, etc.
an instrument for rippling; ripple.


Read Also:

  • Ripplet

    noun 1. a small ripple. noun 1. a tiny ripple

  • Ripple-tank

    noun 1. a shallow container of water in which waves are produced by vibrating an object in the water, used to observe or demonstrate wave phenomena.

  • Ripply

    adjective 1. characterized by ripples; rippling. 2. sounding like rippling water.

  • Riprap

    noun 1. a quantity of broken stone for foundations, revetments of embankments, etc. 2. a foundation or wall of stones thrown together irregularly. verb (used with object), riprapped, riprapping. 3. to construct with or strengthen by stones, either loose or fastened with mortar.

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