Sack artist

sack artist


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  • Sackbut

    noun 1. a medieval form of the trombone. 2. Bible. an ancient stringed musical instrument. Dan. 3. noun 1. a medieval form of trombone (Chald. sabkha; Gr. sambuke), a Syrian stringed instrument resembling a harp (Dan. 3:5, 7, 10, 15); not the modern sackbut, which is a wind instrument.

  • Sackcloth

    noun 1. sacking. 2. coarse cloth worn as a sign of mourning or penitence. Idioms 3. in sackcloth and ashes, in a state of repentance or sorrow; contrite: She would be in sackcloth and ashes for days over every trifling error she made. noun 1. coarse cloth such as sacking 2. garments made of such […]

  • Sackcloth and ashes

    had repented long ago in sackcloth and ashes.”

  • Sack-coat

    noun 1. a short coat or jacket with a straight back and no seam at the waist.

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