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a match designed to ignite only when rubbed on a specially prepared surface.
safety match
a match that will light only when struck against a specially prepared surface


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  • Safety-net

    noun 1. a large net rigged between a person, as a trapeze performer, and the ground as protection in a fall. 2. something that provides a margin of protection or security: the safety net of federal credit for financial institutions. noun 1. a net used in a circus to catch high-wire and trapeze artistes if […]

  • Safety-pin

    verb (used with object), safety-pinned, safety-pinning. 1. to secure or affix with a safety pin: to safety-pin a child’s mittens to his coat sleeve. noun 1. a pin bent back on itself to form a spring, with a guard to cover the point. noun 1. a spring wire clasp with a covering catch, made so […]

  • Safety-razor

    noun 1. a razor with a guard to prevent the blade from cutting the skin. safety razor noun 1. a razor with a guard or guards fitted close to the cutting edge or edges so that deep cuts are prevented and the risk of accidental cuts reduced

  • Safety school

    noun any college or university to which a student applies in case he/she is rejected from the colleges that he/she hopes to attend Examples One cannot overemphasize the importance of applying to “safety” schools.

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